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CEFE Asia conference will be held from 1 - 4 November 2017, Chiang Mai, Thailand.

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“Jayantha tried out many businesses from photography to garments, but never succeeded in becoming a successful entrepreneur. The Export Development Board’s advertisement induced him to participate in the “CEFE ENTERPRISE EDUCATION” programme which made him understand all aspects of starting a business from planning, plan implementation, financial control, personnel matters and marketing. Jayantha is on the correct path to success largely due to CEFE”.

The story of WRE Jayantha Perepra of the Exporting Company Vita Organic (pvt) Ltd

Jayantha was found of agriculture even from his young days through the exposure he received in his uncle’s paddy fields. But his ambition to become an agriculturist had to be postponed due to his involvement in other businesses.

He managed to pass his GCE (O/L) but did not pursue higher studies.

His first business was to supply wooden boxes to the “ELEPHANT HOUSE” but due to difficulties in procuring timber he had to give it up. There after he used to buy Indian goods and sell them locally with the help of his friends. This business had to be abandoned due to a difference of opinion with a friend.

At this point of time colour photo processing was new to Negegoda his home town he thought that studying this subject will be beneficial to start a business. His family helped him to go to London and learn all about photography.

Jayantha, after his return decided to start a studio at No 705, Gangodawila, Nugegoda after purchasing all equipments from Singapore for Rs. 300,000.00. he first named it “SUPER SNAP PHOTO SUPPLIERS” and later after it was developed as “ SUDIO SUPER SNAPS”. For some times jayantha did well with studio and further diversified the business into “MIYASI ENTERPRISES” handling cassette recordings. But Miyasi did not fair well. The studio too was subject to intense competition, with the opening off Sakura studio Nugegoda. He heard that the SEYA COLOUR lab is also to be opened shortly. Finally he sold his equipment to “SARASAVI COLOUR LABORATORY” unable to bear the competition.

In his third attempt to become a businessman he rented out a garment factory, which had a sub contracting arrangement with “MORNING STAR” a garment exporter. Later on his own he started the Wijani Garment Factory, at NEelammahara Road, Maharagama. At the start there were 130 employees working under him. Jayantha at this point became ambitious problems with his wife. The last time he came, he noticed that there were only 27 employees left. Obviously his factory had been poorly managed during his absence. His attempt to re-develop the factory failed though he got an order for 18,000 shirts.

As there were no employees he gave 9086 shirts on sub contract and got back substandard shirt which were rejected. Unable to bear the loss jayantha sold his factory paid back all his loans and retained only his van. The money business from hiring the van was his only income. Jayantha tried out many businesses from photography to garments, but never succeeded in becoming a successful entrepreneur. His participation in the CEFE ENTERPRISE EDUCATION programme was the breakthrough he got at the programme. He was able to identify his competencies, weaknesses and the correct way to make use of opportunities in the business world. Today as the son of soil he loved, jayantha is on the path to success, with his diversified business.