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CEFE Asia Conference 2017

CEFE Asia conference will be held from 1 - 4 November 2017, Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Announcement and Registration


New Business Creation (NBC)

To whom

For those who intend to start a business and have the desire to systematically plan, explore business viability and evaluate possibilities of obtaining finance from banks or other institutions.


The NBC programme aims at:

  • Improving entrepreneurial competencies
  • Assisting in the identification, screening and selection of a business opportunity to match personal goals and resources
  • Guiding in the preparation of a plan for the business and test its viability.


Module 1: Unlocking competencies

  • Identify, understand and enhance personal entrepreneurial competencies
  • Assess resources available
  • Set goals

Module 2: Business idea identification, screening and selection

Module 3: Business plan formulation

Module 4: Business plan presentation to bankers and/or experts


Option 1: 14 days (including fieldwork day)

Option 2: 2 modules in 13 days (6 days + 7 days, with a break in between)

Option 3: 3 modules in 12 days (3 days + 4 days + 5 days, with 2 breaks in between)

Option 4: 10 days (excluding fieldwork day)

At the end

On successful completion of the NBC programme, participants will

• Be more entrepreneurial

• Have the ability to formulate effective business strategies

• Have set goals for the future

• Know the capacity in terms of resource availability

• Have a plan for the business

• Obtain a CEFE certificate to approach banks and other institutions

• Get to know the appropriate bank(s) and officers to approach for the loan

• Become a member of a CEFE association

• Establish network with CEFE trainers and other support institutions

• Have access to follow-up services by the organization sponsoring the training