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CEFE Asia Conference 2017

CEFE Asia conference will be held from 1 - 4 November 2017, Chiang Mai, Thailand.

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Welcome to CEFENET Sri Lanka

CEFE stands for Competency-based Economies through Formation of Enterprise. Though it sounds complicated, CEFE is simple. It is an entrepreneurship training concept for small and medium scale enterprise promotion, developed and promoted by the German Technical Cooperation (GTZ).

CEFE is targeted at promoting new business start-up; expansion, diversification or improvement of existing businesses; and training of trainers and officers involved in business promotion and promotion of business development services among MSMEs.

The CEFE Net Sri Lanka is a non-profit organization formed in the year 2000 and registered under the companies act of Sri Lanka in 2001, promoted by the Sri Lanka German CEFE Program functioned under the Ministry of Policy Development and Implementation and was supported by the German Technical Cooperation.

At present there are hundred and seventy (170) members and all of them are trained trainers in entrepreneurship, human resource development, management competency development and business counseling using the CEFE methodology.

CEFE History

In 1979 GTZ, the German Technical Cooperation began experimenting with different approaches to small enterprise development. Much of this was done in Nepal. Entrepreneurship development or what was then called New Business Creation programme became the most popular because of its high success rates in business start-ups. The success witness in Nepal triggered this particular enterprise promotion approach to be branded buy its acronym CEFE or Creation of Enterprise through the Formation of Entrepreneurs.

The CEFE concept and methodology was subsequently replicated in a number of other countries in Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America and success rates were recorded. In 1994, and independent evaluation of the CEFE method was carried out across three continents with the evaluators noting: its high effeteness in stimulating business growth; its flexibility and adaptability to a wide range of target groups and cultures, that it is a powerful instrument beyond enterprise promotion; that it is highly rated by both the beneficiaries and the host institutions implementing the programme and that it has generated a pool of highly qualified and motivated people.

EFE adopts a comprehensive set of training instruments using experiential learning methods to develop and enhance business management and personal competencies mostly in the context of income & employment generation and economic development.

CEFE which today stands for Competency-based Economies through Formation of Enterprise has evolved over the years from an approach training individuals who want to start their own enterprise to a comprehensive training methodology. It has developed further in terms of conceptual design and practiced in many countries across the world. As at December 2003, CEFE has been introduced/ practiced or adopted in 336 projects in 129 countries through 1662 organizations by 3071 CEFistas and 390 funding agencies. For more details, visit

Although the training methodology has a wide appeal and has been applied in variety of situations, its core focus remains to be stimulation of growth in the small and medium enterprise development process. In this context, it addresses two sets of actors who are considered as the most important in the enterprise growth process, namely entrepreneurs and the personnel of enterprise support and regulatory institutions. The emphasis with entrepreneurs is on improving their business performance while with personnel from enterprise support and regulatory institutions more attention is given to creating a positive enabling environment at the macro and micro level.