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CEFE AGM & Annual Get-together 2015

The AGM & Annual get together of CEFE NET SL followed by CEFE Trainers & their members' will be held on 10th and 11th of October 2015 in Induruwa Beach resort. Benthota.

for more details please contact CEFE on 011 2 685 792


Welcome to CEFENET Sri Lanka

CEFE stands for Competency-based Economies through Formation of Enterprise. Though it sounds complicated, CEFE is simple. It is an entrepreneurship training concept for small and medium scale enterprise promotion, developed and promoted by the German Technical Cooperation (GTZ).

CEFE is targeted at promoting new business start-up; expansion, diversification or improvement of existing businesses; and training of trainers and officers involved in business promotion and promotion of business development services among MSMEs.

The CEFE Net Sri Lanka is a non-profit organization formed in the year 2000 and registered under the companies act of Sri Lanka in 2001, promoted by the Sri Lanka German CEFE Program functioned under the Ministry of Policy Development and Implementation and was supported by the German Technical Cooperation.

At present there are hundred and seventy (170) members and all of them are trained trainers in entrepreneurship, human resource development, management competency development and business counseling using the CEFE methodology.

CEFE History

In 1979 GTZ, the German Technical Cooperation began experimenting with different approaches to small enterprise development. Much of this was done in Nepal. Entrepreneurship development or what was then called New Business Creation programme became the most popular because of its high success rates in business start-ups. The success witness in Nepal triggered this particular enterprise promotion approach to be branded buy its acronym CEFE or Creation of Enterprise through the Formation of Entrepreneurs.